The history of WIT dates back to 2013, when the three founding partners, former colleagues of a company affected by the real estate bubble crisis, decided to take the step to start their own business.
Although the beginnings were not easy because the planned projects came to a standstill, the opportunity arose to work for a large client. Thanks to the project work implemented by the three WIT partners and the satisfaction of the client, more and more companies became interested by recommendation.
From that moment on, WIT’s portfolio grew and with it the number of employees steadily and progressively increased.
Similarly, they adapted their employee growth to the physical space of the workplaces.
Today, the company’ staff is 16 employees including the three founders of the company. Success stories continue to add up and the growth of the entity continues to increase steadily.

Creación de WIT
Caso de éxito

Traslado de línea Mekutec de Alemania a Aranjuez

Caso de éxito

Modernización de hardware de control


Llegamos a 7 trabajadores en plantilla

Caso de éxito

Instalación de control PCS7. Fábrica de detergentes

Caso de éxito

Actualización sistema de control PCS7. Llegamos a 10 trabajadores.

Caso de éxito

Programación máquina de limpieza de tapices. Museo San Petersburgo.


ISO 9001:2015 e ISO 14001:2015 ¡Ya somos 16 trabajadores!

Caso de éxito

Migración MANIFOLD con 7 tanques y 8 líneas


Each engineering project is unique and different. This is why, from the very beginning, we have constant communication with each client throughout the entire development and implementation process.
We have an internal production organisation where all areas communicate with each other to link all the processes that make up the project and thus control every detail. Each area has a manager and a specialised work team with constant communication between them.



Our engineering projects are characterised by being complex, comprehensive and multidisciplinary. The process goes through different phases:

1- Project definition and elaboration phase

Understanding the client's needs

Preliminary project. Initial approach

Drawings with detailed information



Compilation and reaction.

2- Development Phase

Once the project is drafted, we develop it and program the software and the different elements that make it up.
We work with the best technological manufacturers in the market. Among them are the following:

3- Testing phase

By testing the system at our facility, we reduce commissioning times at the customer’s site.
This step is very important in order to check the operation of the installation, which will subsequently be adapted in the plant.

4- On-site implementation phase and training of plant personnel

We adapt our assistance to our customers’ project start-up and prioritise their production.
We provide training to plant personnel in the use of the devices.

5- Maintenance

We carry out the maintenance of the installation during the life of the installation as a differentiated service.


Head of Electrical Engineering


Expert in electrical design of machinery installations and industrial programming of machines and processes.

Automation Manager


More than 20 years of experience in controllers programming, industrial maintenance and PLC programming

Projects and Sales Manager


Specialist in PLC programming. Project management. Sales Manager.


The WIT Automatización work centre is located in the Madrid town of Rivas Vaciamadrid in Plaza de la Constitución 2, Floor 3, Office 3. It was designed by interior designers taking care of the smallest detail.
Its layout, decoration and large, bright spaces encourage teamwork, as well as fluid and direct communication between the different areas of the organisation.
The ergonomic office furniture was carefully chosen for the care and comfort of WIT staff.


Customer satisfaction is very important to our organisation, so that the attention, the implementation of projects, the provision of quality services and follow-up are the fundamental key to their maintenance and recurrence.
Currently, our main clients are in the food sector, although our scope of action is very broad in different sectors: water, energy, automotive, chemical sector, goods and equipment, among others.

Customers and suppliers talk about WIT Automation: